Legal Note

This Site contains “future estimates”. Future estimates may consist of information related to potential or projected operating results, as well as a description of our business plans and strategies. These future estimates are identified by the use of words such as “may”, “may”, “may”, “shall”, “should”, “shall”, “we expect”, “we plan”, “we anticipate”, “we believe” “,” We estimate “,” projects “,” we predict “,” we intend “,” future “,” potential “,” suggested “,” objective “,” forecast “,” continuous “, and other similar expressions. Future estimates are not historical facts, and are based on expectations, beliefs, estimates, current projections as well as various assumptions of the management team, which inherently by their nature are uncertain and beyond our control. These expectations, beliefs, estimates and projections are expressed on a good faith basis and on the understanding that the management team considers that there is reasonable support for them. However, we can not ensure that the expectations, beliefs, estimates and projections of the management team will be made, so that actual results could differ materially from what is expressed or indicated in the form of future estimates. Forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause the actual performance or result to differ materially from those expressed as future estimates. Future estimates are limited to the date on which they are pronounced. Vista assumes no obligation to update future estimates to reflect actual results, events or subsequent circumstances or other changes that affect the information expressed in future estimates, except as and to the extent that such update is required in terms of the applicable regulation. Certain information on this Site is based on forecasts by the management team and reflects the prevailing market conditions as well as the management team’s view of them to date, all of which are subject to change.

Future estimates on this Site may include, for example, hypothetical statements about:

• our ability to select an appropriate business or business objectives;

• our ability to complete our initial business combination;

• our expectations regarding the performance of the business or objective businesses;

• our success in retaining or recruiting, or making required changes to our staff, key officers or managers after conducting our initial business combination;

• the manner in which our officers and directors allocate their time to other businesses and that potentially conflicts of interest may arise with respect to our business or the approval of our Initial Business Combinations, as a result of which, they would receive reimbursement of expenses;

• our potential ability to obtain financing to complete our initial business combination; • our group of potential targets for future businesses; or

• the ability of our officers and directors to generate a series of potential opportunities for the acquisition of companies or businesses.

No statement regarding past trends or activities should be considered as a statement that such trends or activities will continue to occur in the future. Consequently, these estimates should not be unduly relied upon. This Site is not intended to be considered, nor should it be considered, as investment advice. Vista, nor its affiliates, advisors or representatives, will be responsible (for negligence or for any other reason) in case of loss or damage arising from the use of this document or its content, or in any other way related to the same. Any recipient of this document, upon receipt, acknowledges that the content of this Site is merely informative and that it does not cover or intends to cover everything necessary to evaluate an investment, and that it will not rely on said information to buy or sell securities. , carry out an investment, make an investment decision or recommend an investment to a third party, for which said persons renounce any right to which they may be holders that derives from or relates to the information contained in this Site.